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FAQ's & Guide

Q. When should I order my dress?
A. Most customers order their dresses about 12 months prior to their wedding date. However, the latest you should order your dress is 7 months before. This allows any dress, in any size or colour to be ordered in time.

Q. What if I am getting married within the next 7 months?
A. No problem, you can buy from our large selection of stock or alternatively check availability with companies. Some companies will automatically deliver a dress quicker for an extra charge.

Q. What do I do about alterations?
A. Alterations can be carried out on the premises for an extra charge.

Q. What if I am losing weight? How can I be sized?
A. You may leave final sizing until 6 months before your wedding date, even if you order earlier. If you lose weight, most dresses can be taken down up to 2 sizes. The sales staff in the shop can advise you further on individual dresses.

Q. When do I need to order my accessories?
A. Veils and tiaras can take up to 6 weeks. Although we also carry a large stock of tiaras, jewellery and shoes.

Q. What deposit do I need to leave?
A. A minimum deposit of 50% is required upon booking your bridal gown. Upon arrival of the gown the balance is required.

Q. When will my dress arrive?
A. Approximately 2 months before your wedding date, when you will be contacted to arrange your fitting/alteration date.

Q. Can you store my dress until my wedding day?
A. Yes, when your dress arrives we will store it until your wedding day. If you buy a dress from stock then we will store the dress for up to 6 months.

Q. What will my dress be supplied in ?
A. A white bridal carrier.